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Meet San Jose Optometrist, Dr. Brad Murray

Dr. Murray is an Optometrist in San Jose providing complete eye care services for the surrounding communities.

Dr. Bradford Murray is a graduate from Southern California College of Optometry (SCCO). For over 25 years, he has provided optometric care with an emphasis on development and vision therapy, helping thousands of patients "improve their lives through their eyes". He has lectured extensively over the years at many local schools, clubs, and organizations, and has been featured in local newspapers and on TV, even on ESPN at one point, for his work with athletes. Dr. Murray is an active member of the American Optometric Association (AOA), California Optometric Association (COA), as well as specialty groups including the College of Vision Development (COVD), Optometric Extension Program (OEP), and the Sports Vision Section of the AOA. He also recently became the first Certified Nike SPARQ Sports Sensory Optometrist in Northern California and is co-founder along with his son and son in law, SensorySpeed TM, a new program designed to improve athletic both on the field and in the classroom. Dr. Murray relates well to his patients because he had significant vision problems that affected him in both school and sports. Therefore, he understands the struggles his patients face under the high visual demands placed upon them in school, and on the athletic field, and has a passion to help them


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Our 9-year old son completed vision therapy with great results. The therapy coincided with going on no sugar/no gluten/no dairy diet. Both interventions had a major impact on our son’s behavior: he is calmer and has a much easier time concentrating. It had always been a struggle for him to read. With these interventions, he just started to pick up books on his own. He reads without anyone nagging him and he loves the experience. Wow.”"
    Stefaniya B.
  • ""Tyler can finally see! We had no idea how life changing vision therapy would be. The more success he had and his confidence soared! Thank you Dr. Murray and Deena!""
    Robyn - Tyler's Mother
  • "Our daughter did the at home light therapy. We saw a huge difference in her pretty quickly. She became more confident and her reading improved as well. After completing the therapy she had no problem reading to her entire class in fact she asked to all the time.

    It was also very easy therapy done at home and together!"
    Mya M.
  • "Before I started, I was having a really hard time reading, often skipping words and experiencing double vision. Now I feel really good about reading. I feel better about myself. I even ask to read in front of my class!"
    Nicole C.