Frequently Asked Questions

Vision Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vision Therapy (VT)?

Vision Therapy is a program of specialized visual activities designed to help in developing and enhancing visual abilities and remediating visual dysfunctions to achieve optimal visual performance. Click here for more information

You can Train Vision?

Yes! Once you understand how much more there is to vision than just seeing 20/20, it is easy to understand. Just like you can improve physical skills, the visual skills (including tracking, focusing, eye-teaming, depth perception, memory, and visual motor) can all be improved through training!

Why is it necessary?

Nearly 80% of all the information we gather for movement and learning comes via our visual system. As such, our visual skills must be developed properly if we are going to reach our full potential, whether it be in school, at work, or on the athletic field.

How does it work?

Recent studies have shown that the many skills involved with good vision are developed and learned and as such, are trainable and enhanceable. Patients typically attend weekly sessions and are assigned home exercises to perform in between sessions.

Who does it benefit?

Anyone whose visual system is an obstacle to them performing as well as they could in school, on the job, or on the athletic field.

How long does Vision Therapy take?

It varies a great deal depending upon the severity of problem and the compliance to the assigned home exercises. However, most patients get noticeable improvements in visual performance within 6 months.

Is Vision Therapy covered by Insurance?

Vision Therapy is considered a major medical procedure. Therefore, it is sometimes covered under certain carriers. We help our patients as much as possible to obtain any available coverage toward the vision therapy program.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""Our 9-year old son completed vision therapy with great results. The therapy coincided with going on no sugar/no gluten/no dairy diet. Both interventions had a major impact on our son’s behavior: he is calmer and has a much easier time concentrating. It had always been a struggle for him to read. With these interventions, he just started to pick up books on his own. He reads without anyone nagging him and he loves the experience. Wow.”"
    Stefaniya B.
  • ""Tyler can finally see! We had no idea how life changing vision therapy would be. The more success he had and his confidence soared! Thank you Dr. Murray and Deena!""
    Robyn - Tyler's Mother
  • "Our daughter did the at home light therapy. We saw a huge difference in her pretty quickly. She became more confident and her reading improved as well. After completing the therapy she had no problem reading to her entire class in fact she asked to all the time.

    It was also very easy therapy done at home and together!"
    Mya M.
  • "Before I started, I was having a really hard time reading, often skipping words and experiencing double vision. Now I feel really good about reading. I feel better about myself. I even ask to read in front of my class!"
    Nicole C.