Strabismus/Amblyopia Exam

What: Specialized testing for patients who have a wandering or lazy eye.

Who: Anyone who experiences an eye wandering inward (crossed or esotrope) or outward (exotropia) or has an eye that just doesn't see clearly even though its healthy. (Amblyopia or often called lazy eye)

What is tested:

  • Muscle testing
  • Angle of deviation
  • Fusional Status
  • Depth Perception
  • Cause of ambylopia determined
  • Consult on treatment and prognosis

    Time: Often requires more than 1 visit
    1st visit - 60 mins with Dr.
    2nd visit - 30 - 60 mins with Dr. and/or Therapist
    *2nd visit is usually to do trials with special lenses, prisms, or instruments to see response for possible correction and treatment success.

    Insurance: Often covered at least in part by Medical Insurance.

    Click here to download the Adult Strabismus history form.

    Click here to download the Child Strabismus history form.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Our daughter did the at home light therapy. We saw a huge difference in her pretty quickly. She became more confident and her reading improved as well. After completing the therapy she had no problem reading to her entire class in fact she asked to all the time.

    It was also very easy therapy done at home and together!"
    Mya M.
  • "Before I started, I was having a really hard time reading, often skipping words and experiencing double vision. Now I feel really good about reading. I feel better about myself. I even ask to read in front of my class!"
    Nicole C.